A Year Long Photography Project By Melissa Breeland

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Lisa. “Nomad”. Louisville, KY 2012 “Do you travel the uncharted path of the nomad?” Until we perceive the meaning of our past, we remain the mere carriers of ideas, like the Nomads. ~ Stephen Gardiner


Mindi. “Breathe” Chugiak, AK 08/08/2012 “Do you breathe with purpose?”

Today we have a special mail in portrait from Mindi in Chugiak, Alaska. Her daughter Madison drew the word and took the picture. Send your one word portraits to melissa.breeland@yahoo.com and maybe I’ll use it.

Mindi. “Breathe” Chugiak, AK 08/08/2012

“Do you breathe with purpose?”

I write for the same reason I breathe – because if I didn’t, I would die. ~ Isaac Asimov


Matt. “Baby”. Huntingburg, Indiana 08/07/2012 “Will a baby change everything?”

Bill. “Relaxation”. Santa Clause, Indiana 08/06/12 (2) “Are you in need of some rest and relaxation?”

Sean. “Perseverance”. Huntingburg, Indiana 08/06/2012 (1) “Has your perseverance ever really been put to the test?

Madison. “Bieber”. Brownsburg, Indiana 08/04/12 (4) “Do you have Bieber Fever?”

Kyle and Josie. “Water”. Petersburg, Indiana and Winslow, Indiana 08/04/2012 (3) “What’s you’re favorite water related activity; swimming, boating, fishing, surfing…?”